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La Muzeul Satului, deținutii din Penitenciarul Baia Mare au gătit alături de familii, în cadrul proiectului de activitate ,,Reedu – Masa Care Ne Unește”

At the Village Museum, inmates from Baia Mare Prison cooked together with their families, as part of the activity project “Reedu – The meal that  brings together “

The REEDU project participated in the ACTIon Project Online Policy Event on 13th December.

The aim was to exchange bottom up and top down approaches across the range of currently funded Erasmus+ KA3 projects running in the European Union. We discovered interesting nexus points within the Educational policy environment, on bringing about changes in policy on a national and European level, and in addressing and engaging specific groups of decision makers and finding out what they need and how this should be communicated. Participants in the meeting highlighted that approaches such as the REEDU project’s video summarizing policy recommendations is a good example of making policy accessible and making complex messages easy to digest.

We invite you to take a look at Baia Mare Penitentiary’s video material that sums up the impact and activities carried on within our pilot project for young inmates.

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