About us

Within the project the partnership will develop an Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation model for juvenile inmates that will:

Develop and enhance their social and civic skills and
Develop their values and attitudes towards life.

With the help of this innovative model and involvement of significant others we will re-educate juvenile offenders to become model citizens who are able to maintain social relationships, follow social norms and have a clear value system. The programme will enable them more successful reintegration into society after release, more equal position everyday life and consequently in the labour market. The model will with its measures significantly contribute to reduction of recidivism.

The premise of this project is that, both during the period of incarceration, and afterwards, the inmate is part of a community, members of which are friends and significant others, including one’s family. Rehabilitation programmes in prison often target the inmate in isolation from the rest. The innovative approach of this project is that it tackles the education and rehabilitation of the inmate in an inclusive manner: by working with the inmate and his or her significant others in a cohesive and comprehensive manner. In this way the prison becomes a hub for informal and non-formal education for re-entry into society not only for the inmates but also for the closest community of the inmate, his or her family and significant others. The project aims to do this through a ‘project’ method approach which will be explained in more detail in other sections of the application.